Granny Girls Giveaway!

The past couple days have been so exciting for us.  We are completely blown away by all of the positive response we've received about Granny Girls.  This blog is something that is very dear to our hearts and the support we are receiving, not only from our friends but from complete strangers, is so encouraging and means the world to us.  We thought that we would share some highlights with you guys:

And we are not ashamed to admit that we geeked out like school girls when Johnathan Scott and Drew Scott of Property Brothers fame tweeted about us:

We are HUGE fans of the Scott brothers and to get a shout out from them was definitely a “pinch me” moment for us both.  (Would that be a “pinch us” moment?)

We are so thankful to be sharing this adventure with you and we figured what better way to show our gratitude (gran-itude!) than with our very first Granny Girls Giveaway!  Come on, who doesn’t like prizes?  Since you now have The Best Baked Mini Donuts recipe on earth, you definitely need a mini donut pan so you can make them yourself.  Lucky for you, it’s one of the prizes.  Also included is an official Granny Girls mug, some cute pencils, two Granny pins, real Canadian maple syrup (from our home town), and a homemade Mason jar candle (keep your eyes open for a future post showing you how to make your own!).

Here’s the fine print.  Using the Rafflecopter generator below, you have up to 5 ways to enter.  You can:

1.  Follow us on Twitter
2.  Tweet about Granny Girls
3.  Like us on Facebook
4.  Follow us on Instagram
5.  Comment below, letting us know what makes you a Granny Girl.

You get one entry per option you complete.  The best part is, you can use all of the options and receive up to 5 entries. Contest closes November 1st, 2013 and we will announce the winners shortly thereafter.  Good luck!  And thank you again for all of the amazing Granny-love.

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  1. I love your crafts they are elegant looking but seem so fun to make and I can't wait to try them out! The mini-donut recipe appealed to my love for baking and I've very excited to try them out! This blog is an already perfect outlet for me to express my granny girl side :)

    1. Thanks so much, Aileen! We'd love to see pictures of the things you make. Tweet or Instagram us a photo! xo

  2. I can totally relate to being a granny girl. I have always loved baking and would like to think I'm crafty, and I can kinda sew. Actually a few of my girlfriends and I get together every so often to work on sewing projects. I also run a summer camp and we do a program for girls only one week. I am super excited to try some of these ideas with them. And, I can't wait to see what else you guys post! :)

  3. I'm in love with this blog! I'm definitely a granny girl. I'm a sucker for crafts, DIYs, and of course baking :) I look forward to getting some great ideas from site. Recently I've been burning candles like crazy, and I'm definitely looking forward to making my own candles based on your earlier post.