November Photo-A-Day Challenge

We are excited to be starting off the month of November with a Photo-A-Day Challenge.  If you are new to this idea, let us explain.  A Photo-A-Day is meant to challenge you to take a photo each day of the month using the words/ideas above to inspire your pictures.  For example, the first day is "Where I am @ 4:44" - this one is pretty self explanatory, take a picture where you are at 4:44.  Some of them are a bit more broad, like day 6 is "Secret."  You can get really creative with this one.  Maybe it's a picture of your journal, or your secret stash of chocolate (guilty), or your copy of 50 Shades of Grey, or your secret spot to unwind.  Get creative! Here's the fun part: If you complete the full 30 day challenge, you can enter to win an official Granny Girls mug!  All you need to do is email us at the end of the month at info@grannygirls.com with your Instagram name and you will be entered!  Don’t worry, we’ll remind you at the end of the month.A few important things to remember:•  Start by posting the above photo list on your Instagram account to share your participation.• You can save the photo list above to your desktop or your phone to remind yourself of the captions.  Click here to download the photo list. •  Don’t forget to write the caption for the day under your photo along with the hashtags #GGPhotoADay and #GrannyGirls.  Example:  In my bag #GGPhotoADay #GrannyGirls•  If you miss a day, don’t fret, just double post on the next day.  The only requirement to enter is to have completed all 30 photos.We hope that you will join us on our photo challenge.  We'll be sharing a selection of your pics at the end of the month, along with ours, so don't forget to post with the hashtags in order for us to see them.  Make sure you are following the Granny Girls Instagram because we'll be taking turns playing along. We are so excited to see your photos and get to know the Granny Girls community a little better.  Have fun!

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