Easy DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

Can you believe it’s only a week until Christmas?!?  Every year I tell myself that I’m going to be more organized than the year before.  I fantasize about having all my presents purchased by the first week of December and beautifully wrapped under the tree.  It comes as no surprise that I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping and therefore there are not any festively wrapped presents stacked together.  However, one task I have completed is crafting up some pretty packaging ideas.  

I had two goals in mind when thinking up my wrapping inspiration: Easy & Inexpensive!  I think I accomplished both.  My first tip is brown shipping paper!  There are so many different ways you can dress up this paper.  And the best part is you can get a HUGE roll of this stuff at Staples for $3.49.  

My first gift wrap inspiration is a polka dot print.  This one is super easy to execute.  All you do is use the end of a pencil eraser and a white stamp pad.

I cut my paper to size first, then stamped it out.  Wrap it up with a cute doily ribbon and you have an adorably packaged gift.  

Another idea is to use some winter-inspired foliage (a fancy word for leaves and plants) from outside.  Living in balmy California, I was certain that I was going to have to buy some sort of fake, decorative berry bundle from the craft store, but was shocked to find a bountiful berry bush on my morning jog.  You can use pine tree branches, pine cones or acorns.  Wrap some twine around the gift a few times to secure it.  

I also tried slipping a black and white photo underneath to add some dimension.  You could even use a photo of the person who is receiving the gift!

Something as simple as a glitter feather can dress up a gift.  These were super easy to make, I just painted some Mod Podge Glue on the end of a feather and dumped a healthy pile of glitter on it.  

 Add a paper doily, some crochet ribbon and secure with some twine.

I loved how this one turned out!  Looks like I wrapped it with a knitted piece of fabric, right?  It’s actually a photocopy of one of my sweaters!  I was so impressed with the results on this one.  I used my scanner at home but you can always go to your local copy shop and use their photo copy machine.  You may get some weird looks, but I think it’s worth it.  Secure with ribbon and a button or you can make a yarn pom pom.  

Making your own pom pom is super easy.  Just wrap the yarn around your fingers about 40 times.  Spread your fingers apart to keep the space between the yarn open.  Take an extra piece of yarn (about 5 inches long) and tie it around the space you created with your fingers.  (This is hard to explain, but hopefully you can see what I mean in the pictures). 

Double knot it.  You’ll be left with a figure eight shape.  Now cut both the top and bottom of your “8.”  Fluff out your ball and trim.  

By now you know that Amber and I love to use shipping tags on our gifts.  They look great and you can easily customize them for any occasion.  Best part is how cheap they are!  You can get a pack of 100  tags from Staples for $5.99.  Add some cute stamps and you're done!

I may not have finished my Christmas shopping yet, but I do have a pile of beautifully wrapped, empty boxes!  Winning.

If you create some fun gift wrap, share it with us on Instagram or Twitter!

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