Homemade Mason Jar Candles

If you've been following our blog you know that one of our first craft posts was our Vintage Teacup Candles.  We loved making them so much (and they were so easy!) that we decided another candle craft was in order.  This time we used some of our favorite Heritage Collection Blue Mason Jars that were released this year in celebration of the Ball Jar's 100th anniversary.  (You may recognize these candles from our very first Granny Girls' Giveaway!).

These candles also make amazing gifts.  Just dress them up with some twine, fabric & a pretty tag and you have the most thoughtful, handmade stocking stuffer.  Wax on!



1.  Glue your wick down to the bottom center of your jar using a wick sticker.

2.  To make sure the wick stays centered when you pour in the wax, take two skewers and wedge the wick in between the sticks, tying elastic bands on each side. 

3.  Now that your jars are prepared, it’s time to melt the wax.  Depending on how many candles you want to make, weigh out the appropriate amount of wax.  We used 4 pounds of soy wax and that made about 5 mason jar candles (or just eyeball it - you can always melt more or save any extra wax for later).

4.  Put the measured wax into your heat-safe candle pitcher and place on burner.  Keep the temperature low so as not to burn/catch anything on fire.

5.  Stir the wax with a wooden spoon until it has fully melted.  Now you can add your fragrance/essential oil.  The amount you add depends on the variety of wax and fragrance you are using (some waxes can hold more fragrance than others).  Check your bag of wax for directions, otherwise a general rule is 1 oz. of synthetic fragrance per lb. of wax.  For essential oils you may have to add a little more. 

6.  Let the wax cool in the pitcher a little until it reaches the consistency of a Slurpee.  This step is important because it prevents holes/air bubbles from forming in your candles when the wax hardens.  

7.  Make sure your mason jars are on a safe spot on your countertop where they can sit undisturbed for about 24 hours.  Carefully pour the wax into your jars & center the wicks if needed.

8.  Let the wax set until solid, usually overnight.  (The wax may look like it's set but it's best wait 24 hours before you light them for the first time).

10.  Cut the wicks to about 1/2 an inch.  Your pretty candles are now ready for gifting or enjoying!

Happy Crafty Holidays!


  1. These are gorgeous! Such a great idea :)

    Caitlin x

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