Happy Friday!

I feel like this week FLEW by.  The first week back to work after the holidays always leaves me feeling a little bit sluggish and tired.  There was actually one night this week where I went to bed at 9:00 pm and woke up at 9:00 am.  Clearly I was tired.  I’m hoping to catch up on my sleep this weekend and get on a better schedule. I've got some other fun plans brewing for the weekend (I'm not just going to be sleeping).  There's some bowling going down, dinner with friends and a Golden Globes party!  Are you guys going to be watching?  Any viewing parties?

To help me ease back into the whole work grind, I thought it might be fun to share some pictures from my week.  

On Sunday, I went for a refreshing hike with a friend and was reminded of the beauty that is Los Angeles.  I tend to complain that I miss the lush greenery of Vancouver, yet here was an example of beautiful foliage in balmy SoCal.  Side note: A good friend + the outdoors + great conversations = the best Sunday afternoon.

My "male roomie" has this awesome record player that his friend gave him, along with an amazing collection of records.  We've been pretty lazy about finding proper speakers for it and were a little daunted by the old technology of how to set them up.  However, this week I became determined to figure it out.  All it took was a little research and a new speaker cord and we were up and running.  My favorite thing to do now is cook a homemade dinner while listening to Carly Simon.  There's something incredibly satisfying about the sound of an old record that you just can't get from your iPod.

We have a friend staying with us this week which gives me the perfect excuse to bake brownies.  And eat them.

I got some pretty new mid rings from Katie Dean Jewelry.  She has the coolest line of jewels and just so happens to be one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.  You should definitely check out her stuff here.

I love finding little reminders like this on my morning walks.  I'm secretly tempted to make my own street art message one day.  Maybe some Granny Graffiti...

I bought some pretty flowers and was reminded of how a colorful bouquet brightens my day.  (That rhymes!).  My excuse was we had a house guest, but if I'm totally honest, they were for myself.  And why do I need a good reason to buy flowers other than they make me happy?

And because the weekend wouldn't be complete without some new jams, I made a new playlist.  These are some tracks that I've been enjoying lately.  Hope it brightens your weekend!

I realized after doing this post that I don't take nearly enough photos, especially on my SLR.  I'm definitely going to work on that a bit more next week.  I hope you guys have a great weekend!  


  1. I love that Carly Simon has a strand of hair across her forehead. You just dont see that anymore in photography today

    1. I totally agree with you Antosia! Such a great photo and such a great beauty! We need to bring back imperfect photos.


  2. P.S. Awesome playlist

  3. thanks for sharing....checkyourtumblr