Granny Girls 2013 Collaborations

Happy New Year, everyone!  2013 was an exciting year for us as we spent the better part of it planning, brainstorming & creating Granny Girls which we finally launched with our first posts in mid-October.  Although we've only been up and running for a few short months (2.5 to be exact) we have been overwhelmed by the positive response and ever-growing readership!  We always knew that we loved the blog world but the connections we've already made with other blog-writers and entrepreneurs have been so much fun and have made us feel so welcome. Collaborating and getting to meet new friends who love cooking, crafting & adventuring as much as we do has been one of our favorite parts of blogging so far.  Thank you to ALL of you who have shared our site and recipes, re-tweeted and mentioned us in your own blogs.  We're so thankful and can't wait to see what 2014 has in store!  Here are some of our amazing collaborations from 2013 (click titles for links):

Granny Girls & Zooey Magazine

We have loved Zooey Magazine since we first attended one of their awesome craft parties back in the summer. Founding Editor-in-Chief, Lucia Tran, is an insanely creative and inspiring gal and we were beyond excited when she asked us to do a Granny Girls/Zooey collaboration.  We came up with a festive recipe (caramel corn) and these guys arranged the most fun photo shoot complete with adorable outfits, jewels and gorgeous hair and make-up. Lucia's team is the most hilarious group of people and we pretty much spent the entire shoot laughing our butts off.

Granny Girls & Western Living Magazine

We were super honored when Jacqueline Steuart from Western Living Magazine asked us to do an interview for their website.  Western Living is a HUGE Canadian publication and being featured on their site (and in their monthly newsletter) was amazing exposure for Granny Girls. 

Westender Newspaper Gift Guide & Cover!

Although we have big dreams for Granny Girls we didn't imagine we'd be getting our first COVER within our first few months!  When Kelsey Klassen from the Westender Newspaper contacted us and asked us if we'd be interested in joining their holiday gift guide we jumped at the chance.  We quickly organized a holiday photo shoot to go along with our gift list - and when they decided to use one of our photos for the cover we almost peed.  Receiving photos of our fellow "Grannies" posing with our issue made our day month even more.

Granny Girls & Shop Ruche 

Most of the gorgeous clothing we got to wear for our Zooey Magazine shoot came from the amazing vintage-inspired online boutique, Ruche.  We both already loved this shop before the shoot and now that we've had the joy of meeting owner and founder, Mai Olivo, we love it even more.  Mai and her husband started Ruche as a hobby and a few years later were quitting their day jobs to run Ruche full-time!  Super inspiring.  Their clothing & accessories are dreamy and we were super excited to not only wear their outfits but to be featured over on their blog as well.


We also set some fun #grannygoals for ourselves, one of which was reaching 1000 Instagram followers by January 1st.  Thanks to you guys and your generous sharing we got over over two hundred new followers in just a few days and surpassed our goal 10 days early!

Granny Girls has received so much love in only a few short months.  We're truly grateful for all of the support and can't wait to share with you some of the collaborations we already have lined up for 2014.  Here's to an amazing year.  Dream big, Grannies! 

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