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Disclaimer: The curated items and post seen below have been sponsored by Gracie B. as part of their Guest Stylist program. However, these items were chosen by Granny Girls and therefore, all opinions are our own.

One of the best things about having a blog is getting to meet and collaborate with a whole bunch of awesome people. This month we're super excited to be the featured Guest Stylists over at the gorgeous online shop, Gracie B.  We were first introduced to Gracie B. when we did our Thanksgiving shoot with Zooey Magazine.  They sent over a bunch of amazing clothes and accessories that we got to wear while (super stylishly) making caramel corn.

When the gals from Gracie B. contacted us asking if we wanted to be Guest Stylists we jumped at the chance. Their stuff is beautiful, totally affordable, and they cater to all different styles (after Amanda & I chose our favorite items we both exclaimed, "Those are so you!"  Haha).

So hop on over to Gracie B. to check out our style-picks for this month - and then pick out a few of your own!

Amber's Picks:

Amanda's Picks:

You can also visit our Pinterest page that we're sharing with Gracie B. to read about our favorite items and why we love them.  Happy shopping!

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