Girls' Trip to Ojai

It’s hard to put into words how amazing our girls' trip to Ojai was.  If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw some beautiful pictures of a whimsical cabin and four girls enchanted by things like orange trees.  

As I’ve been sorting through the photos for this post, I can’t help but dream about returning to this peaceful place.  It was probably one of my first trips where I didn’t come home feeling like I needed a vacation from the vacation.  You know those trips where you come home more tired than when you left?  Not the case with this one.  There was something magical and soothing about this hidden gem.  The air was crisp, clean and fresh, the food was delicious, the people were incredibly friendly, and the company was perfect.  

The house we stayed at was an adorable guest cabin with a fireplace (in which I failed to keep a flame going for longer than 10 minutes), enough cozy crochet blankets for all of us, and a huge front deck complete with granny rocking chairs.  The property was filled with flowers, fruit trees, avocado trees, a vineyard, chickens, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Most of our mornings were spent drinking coffee on the front porch while munching on Amber’s homemade biscotti and granola, chatting about anything from funny childhood stories to deep thoughts on life.  Then we would slowly get ready to venture out to the little town and see where the day took us.  

I think all of us girls agreed to go on this trip with our only agenda being to relax, explore and enjoy.  It created an environment of carefree adventures.  We went to the beach, cute cafes, local restaurants, charming bookstores, went for walks around the neighborhood and spent a lot of time on that front porch. 

My favorite part of each day was, without question, the sunset.  On the property there was a cozy seating area for us to drink some wine (or a mama-to-be “mocktail”) and sit in awe of the sun setting into the ocean.  There’s something soothing about taking in the immense ocean that makes my problems feel so unimportant.  

Needless to say, we had an incredible time.  Ojai, we will be back.

Photos by Amber & myself.


  1. Beautiful. Makes me want to take a similar trip!

  2. Come to INDIA and you will forget Ojai

  3. Ojai is beautiful. So far all our kids have gone to the college on the near side of upper Ojai. A terrific place to live & learn for four years.

  4. I like sunset very much. As for me it is awesome time when I dive in my dream after noise day.

  5. Gorgeous photographs! Love the porch scene and the almost-aligned seagulls.

  6. Beautiful shots. The last one reminds me of your movie with Zac Efron 'Charlie St. Cloud', the sunset ahh fabulous. You're so pretty :)

  7. Your Sooo Beautiful, Amanda ❤️👀

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