Milk Jar Cookies

An adventure doesn't always have to involve getting on a plane or driving to some far off destination.   Some of the best adventures can be found in your own backyard.  LA is such a big city with so many different neighborhoods that there are endless restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, stores, parks and new places to explore.

We recently heard about a new little bakery called "Milk Jar Cookies".  Opened in early 2013, this cookie shop features homemade cookies, coffee roasted in downtown LA, glasses of milk from a local dairy and rotating flavors of fresh creamery ice cream.

Milk Jar Cookies is located in Miracle Mile on Wilshire Blvd (next door to Whimsic Alley, for you Harry Potter fans). Their decor is a Granny Girl's dream - adorable chalkboard menus, ceramic cake stands, distressed farmhouse-style furniture, antique milk jugs, and all of their cookies are served on mismatched vintage floral plates.

The cookies are baked fresh all day long and as soon as you walk in the door you are greeted with the aroma of homemade heaven.  A large variety of cookie options is available every day and they even come up with fun seasonal flavors (pumpkin pie cookie, anyone?).  We ordered four different ones to share so we could try a bunch. We chose the oatmeal raisin, raspberry white chocolate, double chocolate mint and the highly recommended banana split cookie.  They were all amazing.  These are the perfect cookies - big and pillowy, crisp on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle.  We also had some of their fresh brewed coffee which was delicious - and for those who like decaf they offer the Swiss Water Process variety which is decaffeinated sans chemicals.  

If you're feeling extra adventurous you can order one of their massive ice cream sandwiches made by pressing two cookies of your choice onto either side of a giant scoop of ice cream.

Of course, we couldn't leave without taking some extra cookies home for "friends and family", sweetly packaged in brown paper boxes with white crochet ribbon.

Milk Jar Cookies, we'll be seeing you soon.


  1. How can one place hold so much CUTE?! I love this place!!!

  2. Oh MAN this place is adorable! And the cookies look so delicious!
    I found you over on A Clover and a Bee. Lovely blog!

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons