Amanda's Fall Favorites

So I don't want to freak anyone out, but yesterday when I was driving home from Amber's, I was listening to the radio and they were playing Christmas music.  Some of you may be rolling your eyes, and some of you may be doing a happy dance.  I'm doing a very enthusiastic happy dance!  Amber and I have been listening to the Pandora Christmas station for the past few weeks while we are crafting, so it was a no brainer for me to crank the volume and sing at the top of my lungs.

Back to reality, it's fall.  Last week Amber posted her fall Favorites, and now it's my turn to share with you my list.  My list is a combo of things I love for fall and things I want for fall.  It's a wish-fav or a fav-wish list.  Your choice.

1. Campomaggi Lavata Shoulder Bag: Fall usually means more hibernation in coffee shops and this is the perfect bag to carry your notebooks and computer in.  I've been trying to find the perfect shoulder bag to carry all my work stuff in and I think this one takes the cake.

2.  FIORENTINI + BAKER Buckled Ankle Boot: The perfect boot for wearing with skinny jeans or a dress with some slouchy socks.  I first spotted these when I was working on a TV show.  They were the lead actress' signature boots and looked so bad ass.  They appear super structured online, but you can break down the front part so that they hang over and look much more relaxed.  Perfection.

3. Texsport Enamel Mugs: These mugs stir up cozy thoughts of sitting in a fog-filled field in the morning, surrounded by nothing but trees and grassy knolls while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.  Maybe I took that a little far, but they certainly do make me feel rustic even if I enjoy them while sitting in the comfort of my own home.

 4. David’s Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai Tea: If you are a big tea drinker, then you should be checking out David’s Tea.  They have over 150 kinds of tea, everything from organic peppermint tea to their more decadent teas like red velvet cake tea.  And they are Canadian.  Winning!  For fall, this tea is the perfect combo of cinnamon, cloves, orange and honey.

5.  Pendleton Blanket: With the sun going down earlier in the day, it’s pretty much a requirement to have more movie nights.  What better way to curl up than with a cozy, rustic blanket?  These bad boys have been around for over 100 years, so they obviously know what they are doing.  The hardest part is choosing what design you like best.

6.  Cuisinart EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker:  Along with movie nights, comes popcorn.  You can thank Amber for this gem.  She just bought one and since it was on sale from $75 to $39, I had to join her.  Stay tuned for a special recipe involving this fun machine.

7.  Le Labo Santal 26 Candle: I’m a huge fan of Le Labo.  They are a vegan and cruelty free fragance company that makes all their perfumes in house.  Some of their scents have been perfected over the course of 2 years.  This is actually the signature scent at the Gramercy hotel in New York and I’m addicted to it.  It's definitely the perfect candle for fall with its mix of sandalwood, cedar and violet.

8.  Leather Trimmed Rancher Hat:  I love to wear hats in the fall and have been on the hunt for the perfect one.  After searching for almost a year, I settled on this one and let me tell you it's everything I've been looking for in a fall hat.  I love the deep berry color and at under $50, the price is right too!

What's on your fall favorites?


  1. Love your list of fall favorites and I am loving the Christmas music and listening to my Pandora station while I create, as well! You girls are adorable and I am so happy I found you and your blog and facebook page. Loving your creative inspiration! ~Debbie (from Mermaids of the Lake as well!)

  2. Shut the front door. That bag is everything I have ever needed in my entire life. As far as my fall favorites are concerned, I love anything that's a maroon or deep oxblood color. Shirts, pants, whatever! I adore it all!